2020 Operating and Capital Budget

Township of West Lincoln approved a 2020 overall tax increase of 4.82%. With an operating budget of $16,059,500, this budget requires a tax levy of $7,530,400 which equates to an estimated increase of $76 or 6.04% to the West Lincoln portion of taxes for an average home assessed at $382,397. Council also approved a Capital budget totaling $6,890,800. The 2020 operating budget recognizes the need for an additional staff resource to take care of expanding parks, facilities and cemeteries responsibilities; a new GIS and Asset Management Coordinator who will play a key role in a cross-functional approach to the Township’s Asset Management Plan and enable evidence based decision-making; and part-time administrative support for Fire Services. Some 2020 budget highlights include:

  • A 5% increase to water and wastewater rates as outlined and approved by Council in the 2016 Water and Waste Water Rate Study.
  • Ongoing maintenance and replacement of our vehicles and equipment including the replacement of a Tandem truck at $310,000 and the addition of 2 new pick-up trucks to the overall fleet.
  • Township parks will be enhanced with a new playground in Caistorville, a new Pavilion at Leisureplex and a bandshell at the West Lincoln Community Center.
  • Just over $1.4 million in works toward the reconstruction and resurfacing of roads; 
  • $195,000 of sidewalk reconstruction; 
  • $1,110,000 of Capital works related to the Township’s Water and Wastewater Assets;
  • $295,100 of Provincial Modernization Funds to finance various projects that will contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of Township services;
  • Commencement of the design and project planning for the replacement of Fire Station #2 at a budgeted cost of $1.9 million;
  • $160,000 to complete the conversion of all street lights to energy efficient LED lights; and
  • Funding to commence the Rural Employment Strategy work.

2020 Revised July, August and December Meeting Schedules

The 2020 revised meeting schedules for July, and December, 2020 were approved as follows:

  • Mon, July 27, 2020
    • Public Mtgs under the Planning Act – 6:30 pm
    • Council – Immediately following the Public Meetings under the Planning Act. (with Planning, Administration and Public Works items included on Council Agenda) – 7:00 pm
  • August, 2020: No meeting
  • Mon, December 7, 2020:
    • Public Mtgs under the Planning Act – 6:30 pm
    • All Committees (including separate agendas for Administration, Public Works and Planning Committee Meetings) - immediately following the Public Meetings

Mon, December 14, 2020: Council Meeting – 7:00 p.m.

Amendment to Building By-Law - Septic Permit Fees

Council passed a By-law to implement new Septic Permit fees which take effect on March 1, 2020. The fee increases are an accurate reflection of costs that are, and will be incurred for the processing of the septic function which is to operate on the basis of full cost recovery.

Age-Friendly Committee

Save the date for June 5, 2020 for another Seniors' Forum for the follow-up to the 2019 presentation aimed at Seniors covering Mass Marketing Fraud, Identity Theft, Romance and other scams and how to avoid them!!

AORS 8th Annual Marvin D. Halladay Memorial Education Award Recipient

Council received a letter from the Association of Ontario Road Supervisor advising of the great accomplishment of Atrayu (Tray) Benish, Public Works Supervisor. Upon completing the Public Works Leadership Development Program, he achieved the highest overall average over the eight modules across Ontario.

2019 DWQMS Management Review

Council commended the Public Works Staff for their excellent work and great results that were received from the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks with respect to the annual inspection of the Township's drinking water system, water distribution system, water quality and water inspection. The ministry audit found no non-conformance or non-compliance issues with our Drinking Water Quality Management System. The municipality was found to be meeting or exceeding all Standards set out by the MECP. We were given a 100% score for the audit. The auditor was very pleased with the outcome of the audit and noted that our Quality Management System is operating efficiently.

Bridge Rehabilitation

Council approved a By-Law to authorize the Mayor and Clerk to enter into an agreement with Clearwater Structures Inc. for the rehabilitation of Bridge 16 (North Creek) and Bridge 29 (Dockstader).

Building Capacity, Building Connections - Economic Development Plan

The Building Capacity, Building Connections – Township of West Lincoln Economic Development Plan 2020 Update was adopted by Council. The work to complete the refresh of the Economic Development Plan commenced at the beginning of January, 2020 – this update had the following goals and objectives:

  • Understand the needs of local businesses in the Township
  • Review needs against resources to identify opportunities for Township support
  • Leverage potential resources that might mitigate resource demands on the Township, such as regional and provincial funding and program support o Identify potential partnerships.

This is a brief check-in on the Township of West Lincoln’s economic development approach and is not intended to be standalone document. It is best reviewed in conjunction with the 2016 Economic Development Strategy, the 2019 Corporate Strategic Plan and West Lincoln’s Official Plan.