Official Grand Opening of the West Lincoln Community Centre

Official opening ceremony for the West Lincoln Community Centre (WLCC) will be held on Monday, February 17, 2020 (Family Day), which will include the unveiling of the donor wall. There are a number of events planned for Family Day at the Community Centre which includes, but is not limited to: two free public skating events, crafts for kids, free face painting, a food truck will be onsite, breakfast at the concession booth served by West Lincoln Minor Hockey, hockey game between the firefighters and representatives from West Lincoln Minor Hockey and various gym activities.

Coldest Night of the Year - West Niagara Walk Event

Ms. Zimmermann thanked Members of Council for their past participation in the Coldest Night of the Year event and stated that she hoped she could count on Council’s support again this year. Ms. Zimmermann advised that the event will take place on Saturday February 22, 2020 at Mountainview Christian Reformed Church. Check the website for the event schedule and registration at

Appointment of GM Blueplan Engineering Limited as Drainage Superintendent for the Corporation of the Township of West Lincoln.

Council approved Recommendation Report PW-01-2020 which appointed GM BluePlan Engineering Ltd., to undertake drainage works under the Ontario Drainage Act as the Township’s Drainage Superintendent.

Municipal Alcohol Policy

Council approved the adoption of a new Municipal Alcohol Policy and amended it’s Special Events Policy. The new Municipal Alcohol Policy addresses alcohol-related problems that may arise from alcohol consumption within Township facilities and to promote a safe, enjoyable environment for those who use these facilities.

All-way Stop Warrant - Industrial Park Road and Spring Creek Road

Staff advised that an all-way stop warrant was completed at the intersection of Industrial Park Road and Spring Creek Road which determined that an all-way stop was warranted. Council approved a by-law for the installation of all-way stop at Spring Creek Road and Industrial Park Road.

Amendment to Building Fees By-Law (Septic Services)

Staff were authorized to place a notice in the January 23, 2020 newspaper and hold a public meeting at the February 10, 2020 Planning/Building/Environmental Committee meeting to consider Septic Fee increases.

Building Assessments

Council approved an agreement with McIntosh Perry Ltd. to undertake building assessments on Township owned facilities to assist in the Asset Management Plan and to establish a baseline of the facility conditions to provide for future capital maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement needs. The project also includes elements to identify substances and accessibility issues.

Pre-Consultation Meeting Fee

Council passed a By-law to add pre-consultation meeting application fee to the tariff of fees. Due to the amount of staff time involved, and the increasing number of preconsultation meetings, staff proposed to implement a nominal fee of $250.00 per session, this would be non-fundable but could be used towards a future related planning application made within one year.

Anastasio - Plan of Subdivision and Assumption of Streets

The Township passed by-laws to assume Anastasio Estates Phase 3 and 4 (Stage 1) which includes assuming part of Anastasia Blvd., Georgakakos Drive, part of Oakdale Blvd. and part of Harvest Gate; and all related works and services.

West Lincoln Township Health and Safety Policy By-Law

Council reconfirmed the Municipal Health and Safety Policy Statement for the Corporation of the Township of West Lincoln which exercise is undertaken annually to be in compliance with the Occupational Health & Safety Act.