Township of West Lincoln


For Immediate Release: August 19, 2021


West Lincoln, Ont. - August 19, 2021

The Township of West Lincoln was well represented at the 2021 AMO Conference, held virtually from August 16-19.

Mayor Dave Bylsma, Councillor Cheryl Ganann, Councillor William Reilly, and CAO Bev Hendry represented West Lincoln in three delegations with members of the Provincial Government, to advocate for the North-South Escarpment Crossing, a legislative change to address the long-standing joint and several liability issue, and for a West Lincoln Memorial Hospital rebuild update.

North-South Escarpment Crossing

West Lincoln representatives joined Niagara Region Chair Jim Bradley and CAO Ron Tripp, Town of Grimsby Mayor Jeff Jordan, Councillor Dave Kadwell, and CAO Harry Schlange, and Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton, Regional Councillor Rob Foster, CAO Michael Kirkopoulos, and Director Paul Di Ianni for a joint delegation with Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation.

The delegation focused on the Greater Golden Horseshoe 2051 Transportation Plan, requesting that it include the North-South Escarpment Crossing as a priority, to ensure a coordinated approach between Niagara and the Province on this critical infrastructure, and the future widening of the QEW from Fruitland to Highway 406.

This is the fifth time West Lincoln has met with Minister Mulroney about this long-term goal, which would foster good movement throughout the Region, offer alternative routes off the QEW, and provide safe escarpment crossing. Discussions were positive and received well by the Minister.

The Region will be participating in a Provincial roundtable discussion and, with the support of the Township of West Lincoln, Town of Lincoln, and Town of Grimsby, will be making a formal submission before the August 28 deadline on the proposed Greater Golden Horseshoe Transportation Plan.

Joint and Several Liability

West Lincoln representatives met with Doug Downey, Attorney General, to discuss the long-standing issue of joint and several liability, which unfairly burdens Ontario municipalities, who are seen as deep-pocketed defendants in lawsuits, resulting in skyrocketing insurance premiums, and consequently, higher property taxes.

The delegation advocated for continued advancement of the Province’s plans to launch consultations to fix this issue, and prioritize its reviews, findings and recommendations.

Discussions went well as the Attorney General was well-versed with this concern and expressed that it is a broader issue they will be delving more into.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

West Lincoln representatives joined Town of Grimsby Mayor Jeff Jordan, Councillor Dave Kadwell, and CAO Harry Schlange, and Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton, Councillor Tony Brunet, CAO Michael Kirkopoulos, and Director Paul Di Ianni for a joint delegation with Christine Elliot, Minister of Health.

The delegation was an excellent opportunity to celebrate and express gratitude for the great strides already made in rebuilding the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff, who has been a fervent advocate for the hospital rebuild, joined the discussion.

All parties expressed their excitement and anticipation for the ground breaking of the new West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in 2022.


“This week’s delegations were received well. Discussions were positive and overall, I am optimistic that we have made great strides in advancing these important priorities for the residents of the Township of West Lincoln.”

Dave Bylsma


“I want to thank our Mayor and Councillors, along with our friends and co-delegates from the Niagara Region, Town of Grimsby and Town of Lincoln, for working together for the benefit of all of our Municipalities.”

Bev Hendry

Chief Administrative Officer


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