For Immediate November 26, 2020

Update # 29 - West Lincoln Response to COVID-19 – Response to COVID Cases at St. Martin Catholic Elementary School

West Lincoln, Ont. – November 26, 2020

The Township is aware that the St. Martin Catholic Elementary School has communicated that there are a number of COVID cases within the school community. 

While the Township, with all its local partners, has done a very good job preparing and responding to COVID-19, this situation underscores the fact that we are still very much in the middle of a pandemic. We, collectively, have to do our best to manage it — at home, at school and at our businesses. 

Part of that management includes ensuring that the best information we have about local outbreaks and the situation across Ontario is accessed. The best source in this will be the school board and public health officials.

We understand and appreciate that people are tired and frustrated with the new business practices and hygiene measures that have been put in place, but this situation is a reminder that we need to keep at it.  To keep our families, friends, business owners, neighbours and the entire community safe, we cannot let our collective guard down.

Mayor Bylsma stated,

“No Mayor wants this in their community or school. The school board is the lead on the response at the school and I know they will do their best. Our Regional Public Health team is leading the community response. As a municipality we are focused on keeping people safe and helping businesses make it through a difficult time. “


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Dave Bylsma
Township of West Lincoln
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Township of West Lincoln