Strategic Plan Update

The Township of West Lincoln is undertaking a review and update of its 2019-2029 Corporate Strategic Plan. The public is invited to complete a Strategic Plan Survey, open February 17, 2023, to March 20, 2023, to provide valuable input and help steer the future direction of our community.

Why is Strategic Planning Important?

A strategic plan outlines the overall long-term vision for the Township's future. West Lincoln is set to see incredible growth in the coming years. Having a concrete and up-to-date strategic plan helps the Township to anticipate the community's needs and set and track realistic objectives and goals with which to address them.

The plan serves as a framework to guide Council and Staff in the decision-making process and to direct our resources where they are needed. In short, a strategic plan provides a lens under which the Township will focus its operations, investments and planning for the future.

Get Involved

Successful strategic planning requires collaboration with internal and external stakeholders from all sectors plus meaningful engagement with the public. Get involved by visiting to complete the short online survey.

Hard copies of the survey are also available for pick-up at the Township Administration Building, the West Lincoln Community Centre, and all three branches of the West Lincoln Public Library. Completed surveys must be dropped off at the Township Administration Building no later than 4:30 p.m. on Monday, March 20.

Remember, if we can control it, we can change it! When goals/priorities line up with the frame of service within which a Municipality operates, there is a greater chance for success.

What is each level of Government responsible for? West Lincoln Township Municipal Government: Municipal Road, Sidewalk and Bridge Maintenance, Parks and Playgrounds, Utilities (water, wastewater), Fire services and Bylaw enforcement, Agricultural services (weed spraying, mowing, extension activities), Planning and development, Libraries, Cemeteries, Property taxes (municipal portion) Niagara Region Regional Government: Regional road, sidewalk and bridge maintenance, Public Transportation, Utilities (garbage, recycling and organics), Police, Business and development, Health and safety, Childcare, senior services and long-term care, Property taxes (regional portion) Ontario Provincial Government: Highways, Schools and post secondary, Provincial courts, Health care, Environment, Social Services, Property taxes provincial portion (school and seniors' facility requisitions) Canada Federal Government: Post office, border services, immigration and citizenship, RCMP and military, Correctional facilities and Supreme Court Firearms Banking, trade and commerce Foreign affairs and policy Income taxes and Employment Insurance

Respecting Our Roots, Realizing Our Future

forest and stream

In 2019 the Township of West Lincoln completed a strategic planning process that considered safety, roads, infrastructure, growth, fiscal responsibility and preservation of our heritage and rural identity. The process was driven by Members of Council with input from the senior leadership team, employees, local businesses and residents from across the Township.

During the process, the Township heard what needs to keep moving, what needs to improve, and what the community values in West Lincoln. From building safe transportation networks and well-maintained infrastructure to providing quality programs and amenities and continuing to support agricultural roots, the Township's Strategic Plan is about developing an achievable road map that addresses programs and initiatives that will make the most positive difference in West Lincoln over the next ten years.

Staff will report to Council on a bi-annual basis to highlight accomplishments that have occurred in reaching the priorities that Council and staff have established through the strategic planning process.

Township of West Lincoln - Vision, Mission and Values


The Township of West Lincoln will be a safe, thriving, connected community that offers an exceptional way of life, facilitates opportunities for residents, and fosters a strong sense of community.


The Township of West Lincoln provides responsive customer service and quality planning, infrastructure, programs and services that reflect the needs of the community we serve.


Service: We take pride in providing responsive, friendly customer experiences and continuously improving our interactions with the public.

Respect: We believe in the role of every resident, business, employee and Member of Council in making West Lincoln a great community.

Leadership: We understand our roles, are empowered to contribute our ideas and are recognized for our contributions.

Teamwork: We commit to supporting each other and learning together in a positive work environment.

Corporate Strategic Plan

The Township of West Lincoln has developed a Corporate Strategic Plan with 25 initiatives to advance the community over the next ten years. These initiatives are organized according to the following six themes.

1. Strong Transportation Connections

Goal: West Lincoln has transportation infrastructure that is safe for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, and networks that are well-maintained and connected within our community, with other Niagara communities and major highways.

Ongoing priorities

  • Work with neighbouring municipalities to advocate for the escarpment crossing as a means to better connect West Lincoln to major provincial highways
  • Investigate a Highway 20 bypass to reduce truck traffic in downtown Smithville and improve connections to industrial land

Short-term initiatives (initiate within the next three years)

  • Complete a roads needs study and set targets for the maintenance, rehabilitation and improvement of Township roads

Medium-term initiatives (initiate within the next five years)

  • Build safe active transportation networks including sidewalks, bike paths and trails

2. Support for Business and Employment Opportunities for Residents

Goal: West Lincoln has a positive image and a strong brand that supports our local businesses and attracts new industries. We have created an environment where it is easy to do business, resulting in more opportunities to work in our community and continued support for agriculture as West Lincoln's largest sector.

Ongoing priorities

  • Streamline Township processes for building and development to ensure West Lincoln is seen as a good place to do business

Short-term initiatives (initiate within the next three years)

  • Create a targeted, proactive approach to attracting new industry, leveraging the industrial park and other potential employment lands

Medium-term initiatives (initiate within the next five years)

  • Advocate for increased investment in rural broadband to ensure residents and businesses have access to reliable high-speed internet
  • Investigate installation of water and sewer services on employment lands to create “shovel ready” sites
  • Explore new incentives in the downtown core to attract new commercial activity and provide more options for residents

3. Strategic, Responsible Growth

Goal: West Lincoln will grow strategically and responsibly – welcoming new residents and businesses and respecting the heritage and rural character that people value.

Ongoing priorities

  • Facilitate growth that builds complete communities and provides commercial, industrial and residential balance

Short-term initiatives (initiate within the next three years)

  • Encourage a variety of housing options for the community that are supportive, appropriate, safe and affordable

4. Local Attractions

Goal: West Lincoln has amenities, programs and services that bring the community together to celebrate small-town and rural way of life.

Ongoing priorities

  • With the completion of the West Lincoln Community Centre, support programming that is relevant to the community's needs

Short-term initiatives (initiate within the next three years)

  • Improve local parks and trails, including a new playground at the Caistorville Library, and explore new opportunities for programming and sports events
  • Reinvigorate community halls, particularly those in Wellandport and Caistor, through facility upgrades and new partnerships to ensure greater access to community programming and events

Medium-term initiatives (initiate within the next five years)

  • Establish a farmer's market in summer and fall

5. Community Health and Safety

Goal: West Lincoln continues to be a safe community where all residents are supported to thrive throughout their lives.

Short-term initiatives (initiate within the next three years)

  • Build a new Fire Station #2, replacing and addressing deficiencies in the existing facility
  • Continue to work with other West Niagara municipalities and local physicians to ensure the redevelopment of West Lincoln Memorial Hospital
  • Update the Public Works building and yard

Medium-term initiatives (initiate within the next five years)

  • Make improvements to pedestrian safety by introducing increased traffic calming measures and trail networks near schools, community facilities, downtown and other pedestrian spaces

Long-term initiatives (initiate within the next ten years)

  • Advocate for a physician recruitment strategy that will increase the number of family physicians in West Lincoln

6. Efficient, Fiscally Responsible Operations

Goal: The Township of West Lincoln is a lean organization that uses sustainable, innovative approaches and partnerships to streamline processes, deliver services and manage infrastructure assets.

Ongoing priorities

  • Complete an asset management plan to prioritize investments based on evidence, and balance service levels with fiscal sustainability

Short-term initiatives (initiate within the next three years)

  • Implement new software and programs to modernize service delivery, such as online registration and payment, asset management, maintenance activities, online mapping, by-law issues and water and wastewater administration
  • Investigate improved branding for West Lincoln and develop a strategy to increase communication with residents and promote local activities, attractions and events

Long-term initiatives (initiate within the next ten years)

  • Develop streamlined customer service to ensure the Township continues to achieve responsive resolution of requests as volumes increase
  • Explore innovative systems and approaches to scale service delivery as the community grows

Thank you!

Thank you to Members of the Township of West Lincoln Council for their leadership, commitment and collaboration during the strategic planning process. Together you have set a road map for the next ten years for West Lincoln as an organization and as a community.

Thank you to West Lincoln's local business community and the West Lincoln Chamber of Commerce for sharing your ideas on how the Township can support economic success over the next ten years.

Thank you to residents of West Lincoln for taking the time to share what the Township is doing right and what we could do better to improve our community as a great place to live. Whether submitting ideas online or talking to employees in the community, we heard that you value living in a place where you can raise a family, meet up with neighbours, and enjoy a small town and rural lifestyle.

Thank you to employees who contributed their ideas during the strategic planning process. Thank you to senior leaders for their guidance and feedback. Thank you to employees from across the organization who shared their ideas on what it means to work at the Township of West Lincoln and how we can improve the services we provide to our customers.

Connect with your local Councillors

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