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Update #11 - West Lincoln Response to COVID-19 - Enforcement of Emergency Orders

For Immediate Release: April 3, 2020

Today, April 3rd, 2020, the Township of West Lincoln, the Niagara Region and all the lower tier municipalities in the region, declared an emergency in accordance with the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, 1990 in response to the COVID19 outbreak in Ontario.

COVID-19 is in our community and it’s affecting our families and our health care system. The community has responded with self-isolation, hand-washing, and distancing, both social and physical. Now, we are asking everyone to do just a little more for a little while longer to protect as many people as possible.

The Township of West Lincoln has been requested to assist with enforcing Emergency Orders, and to that end a ministerial designation under the Provincial Offences Act was made to authorize the Township’s By-law Enforcement Officers to enforce Emergency Management and Civil Protections Act Orders. This action positions the Town to ensure that the Orders set out by the Provincial government are adhered to.

Effective immediately, residents looking to report a business or individual(s) operating in contravention of Emergency Orders, are asked to contact the Township at 905-957-3346 from 9 until 4:30 Monday through Friday and after hours complaints or urgent issues can be reported by calling the Niagara Region at 905- 984-3690 or 1-877-552-5579.

Three (3) noteworthy Emergency Orders, enforceable by West Lincoln’s By-law Enforcement, include:

  • Closure of Public Places & Establishments
  • Prohibiting Events & Gatherings of More than Five (5) People
  • Prohibiting Unfair Pricing on Necessary Goods

Offences and set fines available to enforcement personnel include:

  • Fail to comply with an emergency order $750.00
  • Obstruct any person exercising a power in $1,000.00 accordance with an Order made during a declared emergency
  • Obstruct any person performing a duty in $1,000.00 accordance with an Order made during a declared emergency

Mayor Bylsma stated,

“I have declared this emergency with careful and diligent review of current information in consultation with neighbouring Mayors and Regional Chair Bradley. The purpose is twofold. To encourage all residents to maintain this regimen through the upcoming festive season. The second is to call on residents to do what you can to remain productive and positive. Make calls to those in isolation, write and post notes of encouragement, run errands clean yards and go for walks. I pray for peace and calm and I invite all residents to do the same.”

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Dave Bylsma
Township of West Lincoln