Agriculture is one of the most important industries and employers in the Niagara Region and in West Lincoln.

As of 2016, Niagara was home to 1827 farms covering 218,251 acres of farmland.  Although, from 2011 to 2016 the number of farms and farmland area decreased, the average farm in Niagara increased in size by 7.29% from 111 acres to 119 acres and resulted in a value per acre increase from $3,256 to $3,850. This allows farms to produce higher value farm products and to continue to diversify and allow access to new market opportunities.  

Although West Lincoln decreased in total number of farms from being farmed from 2011 (444) to 2016 (391), and the total amount of land being farmed also decreased in West Lincoln from 2011 (76,781 acres) to 2016 (66,588 acres), gross farm receipts increased by 2.4% during this time.

The majority of farming in West Lincoln is hay, field crops, poultry, egg production, and other animal production. A small amount of land is dedicated to fruit and nut farming, greenhouses, nurseries, and floriculture production.


Niagara Agriculture Economic Impact 

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