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The Township of West Lincoln offers many ways to pay your tax bill. Please select how you would like to pay your bill below to learn more.

Ways to pay your tax bill

Pre-authorized payment plan

You can choose from two pre-authorized payment plans:

  • A 12-month plan starting in November and goes until the following October. Payments come out of your account on the 15th of each month.
  • An installment date plan takes payments on the last business day of February, April, July and September. 

For more information or to sign up, please click on the button below:

Sign Up

Please note you may be automatically removed from this plan if a payment is returned for insufficient funds.

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan - Termination Form

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan - Banking Information Change Form

In person

You can pay your bill at the Township office at 318 Canborough Street in Smithville. We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding holidays.

We accept:

  • cash
  • debit
  • cheques
  • bank drafts
  • money orders

We do not accept credit card. To make a credit card payment, please see the credit card option.

Bank or financial institution

You can make a payment at any branch or ATM of any major bank. You can also pay your bill through telephone or online banking as well. To set-up online banking, you will need your 19-digit tax roll number. Your property account number is your 19-digit tax roll number. Some banks only take 18 digits. If so, drop the last zero in your roll number.

To avoid late charges, make a payment at least three business days before the due date.

By mail

Make your cheque payable to the Township of West Lincoln and mail to:

Township of West Lincoln

P.O. 400
Smithville ON L0R 2A0

Please make sure that your 19-digit tax roll number is written on the front of your cheque and please enclose the tax stub.

After-hours drop box

Note: Do not put cash in the after-hours drop box.

There is an after-hours drop box located at the back entrance of the Township office. Visit us at 318 Canborough Street in Smithville.

Please make sure cheques are made out to the Township of West Lincoln. Please put your 19-digit tax roll number on the front of your cheque and submit the tax stub with your payment.

Post-dated cheque

We accept post-dated cheques. They must match the amounts and due dates printed on your tax stubs. Please include your stubs with the cheques. Make your cheque payable to the Township of West Lincoln:

Township of West Lincoln

P.O. 400
Smithville ON L0R 2A0

Post-dated cheques can be mailed, dropped off in person, or put in the after-hours drop box.

Credit card

To make a payment, you can do this one of two ways:

  1. To make payment online, log in to your MyWESTLINCOLN account. Select the account balance you wish to pay and follow the prompts to process payment through the Township's third-party processor. If you have not signed up for a MyWESTLINCOLN account, we highly encourage you to do so. Visit our MyWESTLINCOLN web page to learn more. If you experience any difficulties with MyWESTLINCOLN, please contact the Finance Department at 905-957-3346.
  2. To make payment over the phone, call Paymentus at 844-646-7493 and provide your account information and credit card details. If you experience any difficulties with the Paymentus phone line, please contact Paymentus customer support at 800-420-1663. For all other issues, please contact our Finance Department. 

Paymentus is a third-party automated payment service that accepts Visa or MasterCard payments. Please note Paymentus charges a 1.75% service fee on each transaction. The Township does not receive any part of this service fee.

The maximum payment you can make in a single transaction is $1000. If the amount is over $1000, you will need to make multiple payments.

Before paying, you should have ready:

  • The tax roll number found on the front of your bill
  • Amount owing on your bill
  • Your credit card

Missed payment

Failure to receive a bill does not excuse you from paying taxes and penalties.

If you miss a payment, you will be charged a 1.25% penalty per month. Until your payment is received, penalties will be added to your accounts:

  • on the first day of missed payment
  • on the first day of each month afterward

Penalties will not be waived.