Welcome to the Township of West Lincoln – the heart of the Niagara Region!  West Lincoln is one of the twelve lower tier municipalities in Niagara Region. We have the largest geographical land base (387.02 sq. kms.) in the region with a population of approximately 15,454 and a growth projection of 38,370 by 2051. Due to our large geographic area, we have a blended community of different perspectives, beliefs and interests with many residents who have lived in the region for generations!

The Township is made up of many rural communities such as the hamlets of St. Ann's, Silverdale, Bismark, Caistorville, Fulton, Grassie and Wellandport among others. Smithville is the largest urban centre in the Township and serves as the principle area for growth in industrial, commercial and residential sectors. 

West Lincoln is a progressive municipality known for its strong community, agriculture and nature.

Township responsibilities

Administrative responsibilities of the Township include:

  • corporate services including finance and information technology
  • clerk services
  • planning
  • building
  • by-law enforcement
  • public works including water distribution
  • recreation
  • cemeteries
  • fire and emergency services
  • library services

Learn more about the services we offer on our Departments page.