Man biking on country road

The Township of West Lincoln offers a large road network for cyclists to take advantage of long cycling routes through a rural setting. If you want to access stores and restaurants along the way, plan your route through Smithville.

Cycling route sign on wooden postPlanning a route

Niagara Region provides search tools for cycling routes throughout the Region. You can also find information to connect with local cycling clubs and associations. Use the search tool on Niagara Navigator to find suggested cycling routes within the Township of West Lincoln.

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Cycling resources

The Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre provides resources for cyclists. You can find interactive trail maps, bike routes, and travel information. This includes the West Lincoln and Wainfleet Route which is a total distance of 49km and runs from Smithville to the Lake Erie shore.

Bike Fix It Station 

 The Bike Fix It Station is located in the downtown Smithville parkette (next to the CIBC parking lot).  


 Bike Fix It Station Dero Fix Code

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