fire burning in metal bin outside

Open air burning within the Township of West Lincoln is forbidden without approval from the Fire Chief or designate. Backyard recreational fires are generally approved as long as they are small, confined to a pit and not causing problems for your neighbours. A Burn Permit is required for each day and time that you plan to burn and there is no charge.

To get a burn permit, please contact the Fire Department at 905-957-3346. We are open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

Burning rules

Along with a getting an approval to burn, you must follow Township rules to participate in open air burning.

  • Keep the fire small enough that you can control it without outside help.
  • The fire must be attended at all times by a competent person.
  • Avoid periods of extreme dryness when grass and brush can accelerate a fire out of control.
  • Burn clean wood and brush only. Burning materials that are environmentally harmful such as tires or petroleum-based products, creosoted or pressure-treated wood, etc. are not permitted.
  • Do not burn after dark. Unnecessary alarms are often turned in by concerned neighbours who have not identified the object that is burning. The fire department then has to respond which results in wasted tax dollars and fire apparatus. It also makes personnel unavailable to respond to a real emergency.

Please be considerate of your neighbours. Wind and weather can fluctuate rapidly. If you are worried about the weather conditions, start a small fire as a test. Better yet, postpone the burn until a better day.


Unauthorized burning is a violation of the Ontario Fire Code and is subject to prosecution.

Property owners and tenants are subject to a fee of $410 per hour per fire truck that responds to an unauthorized burn.