Niagara Region garbage tag

Niagara Region handles the collection of waste, recycling and organics in West Lincoln. The Region provides the following services:

  • Garbage, recycling and organics collection
  • Household hazardous waste disposal
  • Large-item collection
  • Landfill sites

Click on the link below to find your collection day, how to dispose of items, where to buy garbage tags and to arrange large-item collection.

Niagara Region Waste Management

Recycling containers

Recycling containers can be purchased at the Township Office located at 318 Canborough Street in Smithville. We offer blue and grey boxes, wheeled green organics bins and kitchen organics catchers. Please note we only accept cash, debit and cheque.

Container fees
Type of Recycling ContainerCost

Blue & Grey Boxes

$6 each

Wheeled Green Organics Bin

$17 each

Kitchen Organics Catcher

$4 each

New homeowners and tenants are entitled to a free set of recycling bins within 1 year of the possession date or occupancy of the residence. A document that shows your name, address and evidence of the possession date of the home or a rental agreement is required. 


If you live in West Lincoln, you can make use of the Niagara Road 12 Landfill located in the municipality. Follow the link and go to their website to find hours of operation, landfill fees and accepted items. Review the map below to find directions.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is a crime. To report acts of illegal dumping, please contact Niagara Region.

Illegal dumping is the disposal of any material in non-designated areas. Below are some examples of non-designated areas:

  • public roads
  • ditches
  • rural areas
  • public property
  • vacant lots
  • in public litter receptacles