Grace Cemetery

The Township of West Lincoln is responsible for the maintenance and operation of 20 cemeteries. We offer traditional casket burials for full-body funerals and cremation interments. Email the Public Works Department or call 905-957-3346 to purchase an interment.

Find a cemetery

Below you can find a list of active cemeteries in the Township of West Lincoln. Currently, we have 14 active cemeteries.  Contact the Township for additional information.

Abingdon Presbyterian Cemetery 9252 Regional Road 65, Caistor
Bethel Cemetery 8466 Twenty Mile Road, Caistor
Caistor Baptist Church Cemetery Concession Road 5, Caistor
Waite Cemetery 9286 Regional Road 65, Caistor
Zion Cemetery 2298 Sixteen Road, Caistor
Fulton Stone United Church Cemetery 2906 Road 20, South Grimsby
Ker United Church Cemetery 9353 Twenty Mile Road, South Grimsby
Merritt Settlement 7731 Range Road 2, South Grimsby
Bethel Winslow Cemetery Regional Road 65, Gainsborough
Grace Cemetery 7075 Sixteen Road, Gainsborough
McCaffery Cemetery 1664 Port Davidson Road, Gainsborough
Bismark United Church Cemetery Regional Road 65, Caistor
St. Ann's Community Cemetery 5420 Regional Road 69, St. Ann's
Union Cemetery 183 St. Catharines Street, Smithville

Cemetery maintenance and burials

If you have a maintenance or burial request, please email the Public Works department.

The Township's Public Works department is responsible for:

  • arranging openings and preparing graves for burials
  • maintaining cemeteries and burial lots
  • removing/trimming plants around tombstones
  • adding/removing corner stones

Burial costs

Note: Fees do not include opening or closing of lots for funerals. This fee is decided by the Funeral Director in consultation with the Township.

You can find our burial services and price list below. There is no fee for the funeral of a Canadian Military Veteran. Please review our Cemetery By-law to find all burial rules and fees.

Burial services and price list
Type of BurialResidentNon-ResidentCare and Maintenance (included)

Single grave (4 ft by 10 ft lot)




Cremation (4 ft by 10 ft lot)




Applicable taxes are added to all fees.

Additional fees

Corner posts – $25 each (maximum four per plot) 

Schedule of foundation memorial charges: $1 per 2.5 cm2 or 1 in2

*based on a minimum depth of 4 ft and charge of $350