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As a West Lincoln resident, there are many high-quality childcare and educational opportunities available to you.

Education and schools

The Township is part of a standardized public education system.  Select your school board of interest below to find elementary and secondary schools operating in the district of West Lincoln.

Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir

Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir (Catholic French First Language School Board) manages Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Call 1-800-274-3764 or visit their website to learn more.

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde (Public-Secular French First Language School Board) manages elementary and secondary schools in the Ontario Peninsula and Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Call 1-888-583-5383 or visit their website to learn more and find a school in your area.

District School Board of Niagara (DSBN)

In the West Niagara area, there are four schools who operate under the DSBN:

To view a school's boundary district or search based on your address, please visit the District School Board of Niagara website. 

Call 905-641-1550 to learn more. If you are from Grimsby or West Lincoln, use 905-563-0909 for free local calling.

Niagara Catholic District School Board (NCDSB)

In the West Niagara area, there are two schools who operate under the NCDSB:

Call 905-735-0240 or visit the Niagara Catholic District School Board website to search all elementary schools and secondary schools servicing the region.

Independent and private schools

If you are looking for private education for your child(ren), look no further. Review your choices below for local independent and private schools. Didn't see a school you were looking for? Go to the Ministry of Education's website to download a complete list of private schools in Ontario.

Cairn Christian School

Cairn Christian School runs two Christian schools in the West Niagara Area: Smithville and Stoney Creek.

Call 905-957-7796 or visit their website to request an information package and learn more about the independent JK to Grade 8 schools.

John Calvin School

John Calvin School is a private Christian school, located at 320 Station Street, in Smithville, that offers classes from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Call 905-957-2341 or visit their website to learn more.

Smithville Christian High School

Smithville Christian High School is a private Christian school, located at 6488 Townline Road, in Smithville, that offers classes from Grade 9 to 12.

Call 905-957-3255 or visit their website to learn more.

How to change your School Support with MPAC's New Online School Support Portal

The portal enables residential property owners, English or French, to add or update their school support designation. A Guide is posted alongside the portal, which provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to change or update their school support designation. The Guide is available in both English and French.


We understand that finding reliable caregivers is important to parents. That is why the Township is committed to providing you 

Child building four blocks

with access to a wide variety of childcare options. Learn more about your options below!

Local childcare

Explore the list below to find your options for local before and after school care, infant care and toddler care.


The Train Station Daycare

The Train Station Daycare is a home-based early learning and childcare service located in Smithville. The program is run by a registered Early Childhood Educator.

Address: 251 Station Street, Smithville, ON L0R 2A0

Phone: 905-957-8027

Way to Grow Daycare

Way to Grow is an all-day daycare located at St. Martin School. The daycare is open to preschool and school age children.

Address: 18 Streamside Drive, Smithville, ON L0R 2A0

Phone: 905-684-1110

YMCA Child Care - Smithville

Smithville YMCA is a licensed childcare centre offering before and after school care during school months. This program offers children aged 3.8 to 12 a safe and healthy place to learn, grow and thrive.

Address: 260 Canborough Street, Smithville, ON L0R 2A0

Phone: 289-956-0995

 Smithville Christian (Montessori) Preschool

Train Station location

288 Station Street, Smithville

(905) 957-7277

Regional childcare

There are many childcare services within the Niagara Region. Use Niagara Region's interactive map on their website to find childcare in your area.

School Crossings

Crossing Guards are important members of the Township of West Lincoln team and provide a valued service to students and their families on their journey to and from school each school day.

There are currently nine (9) school crossing locations throughout the Township where trained Crossing Guards are stationed twice a day. In order to keep everyone safe, it is important for motorists to pay attention and to slow down in School Zones and Community Safety Zones. Students are also reminded to listen for instructions from the Crossing Guard before entering the roadway at a controlled school crossing location. For more helpful tips as well as information about school crossings safety guidelines and regulations, visit the Municipal Crossing Guard Program page through the Niagara Student Transportation Services website. 

Support your local School Crossing Guards by:

  • Guard signals you to stop; all cyclists and drivers must stop
  • Understand and follow the posted speed limits, especially in school zones
  • Always check before turning at intersections
  • Remain stopped until all pedestrians and guard have cleared the crossing. It is the Law.                    
  • Do not drop kids off in NO Stopping and NO parking zones

Back to School Safety Poster

Road Safety Awareness

All drivers must:

  • STOP: When you approach a School Crossing Location
  • OBEY: The Highway Traffic Act
  • RESPECT: The Crossing Guard
  • PATIENCE: Remain stopped until everyone has cleared the crossing - including the guard!
  • PROCEED: When safe to do so

You could be fined a minimum of $150.00 if found guilty of an offence - Highway Traffic Act Regulation Section 176.