The Township of West Lincoln has created a list of the most commonly requested by-laws for your review and download "Originals Signed". 

Don't see what you are looking for? You can request a by-law from our Clerk. If you would like to report a violation, please visit our Report a Concern page.

Commonly requested by-laws

Administrative Penalties for Parking Offences (consolidated)

Administrative Penalties for Non-Parking Offences 

Accessible Parking By-law (consolidated)

Animal Care and Control By-law

Building By-law (consolidated)

Cannabis Production (zoning by-law amendment)

Cemetery By-law

Clean Yard By-law (consolidated)

Committee of Adjustment Fees 

Consolidated Fee By-law 2022-84

Development Charge By-law

Entrance and Boulevard By-law

Fence By-law

Firearms By-law (to prohibit and regulate)

Fire Route By-law (consolidated)

Fireworks and Firecrackers (use and sale)

Noise By-law

Nuisance By-law

Open Air Burn By-law (2021-58)(consolidated)

Overnight Parking Prohibition (2 – 6 a.m.)

Regulation of Parks and Facilities

Snow Removal (2022-60)

Parking By-law

The Parking By-law (By-law 89-2000) is too large to post on-line. You may view it between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday at the Township Office.

Planning Fees 

Private Parking By-law

Procedures of Council and Committees (consolidated)

Property Standards By-law (consolidated)

Recreational Vehicle Parking Prohibition

Refreshment Vehicles, Cycles, Carts Licensing (consolidated)

Sign By-law (consolidated)

Site Alteration (consolidated)

Swimming Pool By-law (consolidated)

Ward Boundary

Zoning By-law

Commonly requested policies

Pregnancy and Parental Leave - Members of Council Policy

Code of Conduct for Members of Council and Local Boards (including Complaint Form 1 and 2)

Council-Staff Relations Policy

Corporate Flag Policy

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The Township of West Lincoln employs by-law enforcement officers that investigate complaints and take the appropriate next steps. You can learn more about by-law enforcement as well as how to submit a complaint.