close up of excavator removing dirt

The Township of West Lincoln's Site Alteration By-law was enacted to control site alteration activities within the Township including the:

  • Placing or dumping of fill
  • Removal of topsoil
  • Alteration of the grade of land

If you require any site alterations, you need to obtain a Site Alteration Permit from the Township.


Applications for site alteration are based on the annual fill amount. Download a Site Alteration Permit Application below.

Agencies to notify

You will have to notify two agencies of your application:


Permit fees for site alteration are based on schedule “B” of our Site Alteration By-law.

Application fees
Type of ApplicationFee

Application for less than 500m3/year

No fee

Application for 500m3/year to less than 1000m3/year


Application for 1000m3/year and greater


Road damage deposit

Not to exceed $5000

Additional security if applicable

As provided for in a site alteration agreement