The Township issues water utility bills every three months for ratepayers on the Smithville Distribution System. Check out our related pages to learn more about West Lincoln's water billing and rates.

If you have concerns about your bill or water meter read, please contact the Water Billing Clerk at (905) 957-3346, extension 6727 or email us.

How am I billed?

You can receive your water bill by email, known as paperless billing/notifications, or by mail. For more information on how to sign up for paperless billing/notifications, visit MyWESTLINCOLN.

Your water bill is based on the amount of cubic metres of water used. This amount will vary each billing cycle. You will notice fixed rate charges on your bill. Fixed rate charges pay for the cost of maintaining our water system. These charges are based on the size of your water meter.

Reading your water meter

If you have a high bill, check your water meter to find potential leaks. You should check your meter often, so you are aware of your average usage. Conserving water can help reduce your water bill. Check out our Water Conservation page to find tips on how to use less water!

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