West Lincoln water tower

The Public Works Department manages and maintains the water, storm and sewer systems in the Township.

Need assistance?

For assistance between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm, call 905-957-3346 ext. 5139 or submit a service request to our Public Works Department.

For assistance after hours, please call 1-877-552-5579.

Municipal water system

Regular operation and maintenance of our municipal water system includes:

  • Water meter installation and maintenance
  • Water service repairs from property line to watermain
  • Curb box repairs
  • Watermain break repairs
  • Water shut off/turn on and disconnections
  • Water sampling
  • Fire hydrant/valve maintenance and repairs

Review the Township's Annual Drinking Water Reports to see how we monitor our drinking water quality.

Municipal wastewater and stormwater system

Regular operation and maintenance of our municipal wastewater and stormwater system includes:

  • Sanitary sewer flushing and inspection
  • Sanitary and storm manhole inspection and repair
  • Sanitary service repair from property line to sewer main
  • Catch basin cleaning and inspection
  • Stormwater pond maintenance

Sewer vs. Catch Basin

Do you know the difference between a sewer and a catch basin? Both play an important role in keeping water flowing in West Lincoln, but each has a unique function. It is important for all citizens to be aware of what should – and should not – go down the drain.

Learn more about the difference between sewers and catch basins and how you can help safeguard West Lincoln's infrastructure.

Save the Swales

Swales are one of the engineered solutions to drainage problems that occur as land is being developed from its natural state. Treat them well, and they will treat you and your neighbors well.

*It's in every homeowner's best interest to maintain swales for proper drainage. In the event that a property is affected, insurance companies may deny potential claims if a swale is found to have been modified or changed by a property owner.*

Learn more about how you can help to Save the Swales.