birds eye view of construction workers on site

The Township's Public Works Department manages a variety of construction projects for current and future improvements on Township streets, sidewalks and bridges. Select your project of interest below to learn more.

Barbara St., Brooks Circ., & Killins St. Watermain Replacement, Road Resurfacing, and New Sidewalk (PW 2024-02)

Status: Detail Design (Feb 15, 2024)

Contractor: TBD

Consultant: Associated Engineering Limited


Complete watermain replacement, full depth replacement of asphalt surface including some base repairs, some curb replacement, and new sidewalk on Barbara St. and Killins St..

Contract Value: $1.9 million

Activity: None

Traffic Disruptions: None.


Public Information Drawings Download (3 MB) PDF File

2023 Road Rehabilitation Program (PW 2023-01)

Status: Substantially completed. Under 1 year maintenance. (Updated January 8, 2024)

ContractorWalker Construction Limited


Rehabilitation of:

  • Concession 4 Road  from Victoria Rd (RR 20) to Hodgkins Rd.

  • Concession Road 3 from Smithville Rd (RR 14) to Caistor Centre Rd.

  • Young Street from Grimsby Rd (RR 14) to Grassie Rd (RR 8)

  • Industrial Park Road from rail road tracks to Spring Creek Road.

Hard topping of gravel road:

  • Vaughan Road from Wellanport Rd (RR27) to Caistor-Gainsborough Townline Road.

Contract Value: $2,570,000.00

Activity: None

Traffic Disruptions: None.

Pearson Bridge Rehabilitation (PW 2022-02)

Status: Substantially completed.  Under 1 year maintenance. (Updated January 8, 2024)

ContractorAnthony's Excavating Central Inc.

Construction Inspection & Administration: Associated Engineering (Ont) Ltd.

Description: This is a joint project with the Township of Wainfleet.  Work includes deck, ballast wall, and approach slab rehabilitation, including updated guide rail system.

Contract Value: $1,100,000.00

Activity: Deck work ongoing, waterproofing, and paving.

Traffic Disruptions: Boyle Road is closed from Old River Road E to East Chippawa Road.  Please follow detour signs.

Project Schedule - Bridge closed until to December 8 2023.