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West Lincoln’s Tree Replacement Program Reaches Major Milestone

For Immediate Release: July 6, 2022

With the planting of more than 1,800 trees on West Lincoln properties impacted by the Wind Project, the Township’s Tree Replacement Program is now considered substantially completed.

An additional lot of trees is being held until the fall season, due to current dry conditions. The final impending planting will bring the grand total to more than 2,050 trees planted through the Tree Replacement Program.

A mutual agreement was reached between the Township and the Wind Project Proponent in 2019, amending the original 2014 Road Use Agreement and giving the Township $624,000 to replace trees that were removed as part of the Wind Project.

Council endorsed Staff’s Tree Replacement Program at its regular meeting in April of 2021. This program outlined the protocol and process to fairly distribute and compensate affected property owners for trees removed on abutting road allowances, providing them with the option of having trees planted on their lands. Approximately 62 properties were impacted.

In September of 2021, the work was divided equally between B.A. Loney Services Inc., CSL Group Limited, Division 2 Contracting Limited and Earthgen International Ltd. Planting began in the fall of 2021 and resumed late in the Spring of 2022 due to overly wet conditions. To date, 1,813 trees have been planted.

Any impacted resident requiring additional replacement trees can contact Project Manager Ray Vachon at for consideration in the final tree planting this fall.

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“Having been on the previous term of Council, during the onset of the Wind Project, I can say in all honesty that this was a particularly complex file. To now see the Tree Replacement Program reach a point where it is not only considered substantially completed, but it is also receiving widespread positive feedback from impacted residents, is immensely satisfying. A great deal of thanks is due to our previous Council for their foresight in stipulating that trees must be replaced, to our current Council for their determination and support of this project, and of course, to our incredible Staff for their perseverance and hard work. Well done, everyone!

Dave Bylsma


“Orchestrating funding, outlining protocol, and planning and executing such a large-scale program was a major undertaking for our Township. Congratulations go out to Staff, especially Mike DiPaola, our Director of Public Works and Recreation, and Ray Vachon, our Project Manager, for a fantastic job coordinating with the Wind Project Proponent, the impacted residents and the four firms conducting the planting. We are so pleased to see this program reach such a satisfying conclusion.”

Bev Hendry

Chief Administrative Officer

“The process has been long and at times trying; however, we appreciate and are thankful for the involvement of Township Staff and Council in bringing the Tree Replacement Project to a rewarding conclusion. Future generations will certainly benefit from all of our endeavours.”

Lyle Killins

Impacted Resident &
Septic System Inspection Manager

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Beth Audet

Communications Specialist