Photos of Township Staff in the West Lincoln Santa Claus Parade

The West Lincoln Santa Claus Parade Committee meets regularly to coordinate the annual Santa Claus Parade. Join us for a fun holiday celebration!

West Lincoln Santa Claus Parade

The first Santa Claus Parade held in West Lincoln occurred in 1990 and has been a highly anticipated yearly town event since. Over the years, the amount of floats and parade attendees grew exponentially, and route variations were taken in stride to accept the growth of this small town parade.

Dave Willis, the long-time Committee Chair, passed away suddenly in late 2019, but the remaining Committee members persevered to put on a beautiful Parade, in his honor, that same year.   

In 2020, a brand new group of Parade Committee volunteers stepped forward to take a hold of the reins and keep this Parade on the same esteemed course it has been on for the past several decades. One of the Committee’s first major decisions was to rename the parade the “West Lincoln Santa Claus Parade.”

2023 Santa Claus Parade

Thank you for joining us on November 25 to celebrate "A Countdown to Christmas" with the 33rd Annual West Lincoln Santa Claus Parade. We had a blast and can't wait for the parade to return in 2024!


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