Sixteen Mile Creek Drain

A municipal drain is a system designed to improve the drainage of agricultural lands by diverting surface water to downstream watercourses. They can include open ditches, pipes, tiles, culverts and ponds. They may also remove excess water collected by roadside ditches and other surrounding properties.

The Drainage Act

The construction, maintenance and repair of municipal drains is the responsibility of the Township of West Lincoln as per the Drainage Act, R.S.O. 1990.

Municipal drain maintenance

The Township has approximately 42 km of municipal drains. If you have a municipal drain located on your property, the Township will make arrangements to enter your property to perform any necessary maintenance which could include the removal of trees or other obstructions. Properties located within the catchment area of a municipal drain are responsible for the associated maintenance costs.

Mill Creek Drain Petition

Notice of Meeting Form and Preliminary Report

You can view the municipal drains located within the Township of West Lincoln on the Maps web page.

Report drainage issues

If you have a question or concern about a municipal drain, please contact the Public Works Department.