Coyote stalking in dry field

Ontario Wildlife Compensation Program

If you have lost livestock, poultry or honey bees to certain animal predators, you are entitled to seek compensation under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation (OWDC) Program.

Livestock claims

If your livestock, poultry or honey bees have been harmed by wildlife, please contact our Clerk's department at 905-957-3346 or email us. We will provide you with the contact information of one of our Livestock Valuers, who will start an investigation.

Once an investigation starts, you will have to fulfill certain responsibilities. See how your responsibilities as the owner compare to the investigator's below.

Your responsibilities

  • Prove reasonable care of livestock, poultry, beehives, bee colonies and beehive-related equipment in relation to predator prevention.
  • Notify us within 48 hours of discovering the injury or death.
  • Preserve the injury site and corpse(s) until our investigator agrees your animal can be disposed of.
  • Review for accuracy and sign your application before submitting.
  • Dispose of your dead livestock and poultry in a manner that is acceptable.
  • Submit a reasonable care plan if you have submitted five applications in one year and plan to submit another.

Investigator's responsibilities

  • Complete the investigation within 72 hours of initial claim.
  • Take three to six colour photos per eligible kill or injury.
  • Collect all necessary information to accurately complete application.
  • Provide a completed application to the owner and municipality within 7 business days of the investigation.

For more questions or concerns about living with wildlife, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-667-1940.