Display of fireworks

Consumer fireworks

There are only a few days per year that you are allowed to use fireworks in the Township of West Lincoln: Victoria Day, Canada Day.  Before you decide to purchase or use fireworks, you need to think about safety. Make sure you are familiar with the laws, know how the fireworks will work in your space and read all instructions.

Know the laws

Aside from federal laws, the Township of West Lincoln has a Fireworks By-Law.  Fireworks must be set off at least:

  • 10 metres from buildings, tents and RV's
  • 50 metres from woodlands, gas stations, nursing/retirement homes, boarding kennels or stables, churches, schools and daycares

You must be at least 18 years old to buy, store, and use fireworks. At home, make sure fireworks are stored in a safe place. Place them out of reach from children and at a safe distance from anything flammable. When using fireworks, follow these rules:

  • Never set off fireworks inside.
  • Avoid areas with bush, dry grass, or anything flammable.
  • Leftover fireworks should be picked up right away and disposed of properly.
  • Do not use any damaged fireworks.

Follow instructions

Know how your fireworks will act and work in your space. Once they are lit, they can't be turned off! Read the safety instructions on your fireworks label to find minimum stand-off distances. Make sure there is nothing overhead, such as wires, in range of your fireworks. 

Always have a hose or a bucket of water close by. After the show is over, dispose of your fireworks safely. Make sure there are no flaming remnants that could cause a fire.

Display fireworks

The creating, selling, storing and setting off of fireworks within the Township is subject to our Fireworks By-Law

Display fireworks, also known as high hazard fireworks, require a permit. Display fireworks can only be set off by certified pyro-technicians with a permit to do so within the town. To get approval, please contact the Fire Chief.

Person holding sparklers


Always supervise children around sparklers.

Many people think sparklers are "child safe”, but they burn at very high temperatures. Sparklers can easily catch your clothing on fire or cause an injury. 

Before you start using sparklers, read any instructions and make sure that the wind is blowing away from any spectators. Never toss or throw a sparkler.