Drill and screws on wooden deck

A building permit is required in the Township of West Lincoln to build certain decks. If your deck meets certain criteria, you need to apply for a building permit:

  • Free standing deck greater than 10m2 in area
  • Deck with a height greater than 0.6m2

How do I apply?

Before applying, please review our Deck Permit Information Package. You need to find out if the deck you are proposing to build complies with our Zoning By-law. Along with the application, you will have to submit:

Site plan

You are required to submit a Site Plan with your building permit application. To review site plan submission requirements, please view our Survey Requirements.

Construction drawings

You are required to submit structural/floor plan and section/detail drawings of your deck when applying for a permit. Please review our Deck Permit Information Package for specific drawing requirements.

Download and complete the Building Permit Application for decks below.

Deck Permit Application


Permit fees are based on the area of your structure. Please note that the minimum permit fee is $177.00. 

Security deposit

A security deposit is taken to guarantee inspections are conducted properly and damage does not occur to municipal property. Deposits are returned once the permit has been completed.

Deck inspections

You need to book a building inspection to make sure your deck meets all Building Code and Zoning By-laws. Typical deck inspections include:

  • footing
  • framing
  • final

Learn more

For more information on deck building guidelines and the permit process, please contact our Building Department.