The Township's Zoning By-law 2017-70, as amended controls the use of land throughout the Township of West Lincoln. Review the Zoning By-law to find:

  • How land may be used within the Township
  • The types of building structures that are permitted and how they may be used
  • The required lot sizes/dimensions, parking requirements, building heights and setbacks
  • How and when the Minimum Distance Separation (MDS) calculation will be implemented (required separation between livestock operations and houses as well as other uses)

The Zoning By-law was last consolidated in September 2022. Please contact the Planning Department to obtain the most up-to-date zoning information.

Find your property zone

Find zoning in the Township easily with our new interactive GIS Mapping System

You can also find the zoning of your property by opening the Township's Zoning By-law document and looking for the location of your property on the schedule maps located towards the end of the document. These maps will give the zoning code for your property. 

If you are unsure of the zoning on your property, or have any additional questions, please contact the Planning Department.

Zoning By-law Amendments

If you wish to propose something that does not meet the zoning regulations for your property, you will need to apply for a Minor Variance application. If the request is not considered minor, you will need to apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBA) application.

Application process

A Zoning By-Law Amendment (ZBA) application can take a minimum of 4 months. An appeal of the ZBA application will increase your application's processing time.


pre-consultation with the Planning Department is required before submitting your application. This will determine what outside agencies will need to review the application. i.e.) Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and/or the Region of Niagara. In addition, you will need to submit specific drawings/documents with your application. A pre-consultation meeting will outline these drawings/documents.

Notice of Hearing

After submitting your application, Township Staff circulate a Notice of Hearing. The Township sends the Notice of Hearing to every owner of land within 120 metres of the property. The Notice is also sent to Township departments and outside agencies. You must post a yellow Notice of Hearing sign on the subject property at least 20 days before the hearing takes place.


Planning Staff will prepare a planning report to present at the hearing. The Township Planning/Building/Environmental Committee (PBE) hears your application as well as any comments or concerns from members of the public. PBE will make a decision to approve or deny your application at a future meeting. If PBE requires more information, they may defer the application and request a second public meeting. PBE's decision is then sent to Township Council to approve or deny.

Notice of Decision

A Notice of Decision is then sent out to Council, you (the applicant), and anyone who has requested a decision. If no appeal is received within 20 days of the mailing of the decision, Council's decision is final.

If an appeal is received by the Township, notice is given to you (the applicant) and the appeal is forwarded to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal.