In the Township of West Lincoln, you must obtain a permit before starting plumbing or sewage system work. Common work requiring a permit can include:

  • new sewage system installs
  • minor sewage system repairs
  • septic tank replacement
  • plumbing install, repair or alteration

How do I apply for a permit?

Permits are issued through the Township's Building department. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Private sewage systems

An On-Site Sewage Permit is required for any new sewage system install, minor sewage system repair or septic tank replacement.

Along with the permit application, you will need to submit the location of the proposed sewage system and a cross section. Click the button below to download a permit application form.

On-Site Sewage System Permit Application

Permit fees

Fees vary depending on the type of sewage system work purposed.  Examples include:

  • New construction and/or replacement of Class lV systems
  • Minor repairs or tank replacement
  • Building addition/alteration
  • Leaching beds
  • Class V installation

However, there is a minimum permit fee of $125. View our permit fees for various plumbing and sewage projects.

Any fees must be paid before your permit application can be approved.