Site Plans, or Site Plan Control, is used by the Township to ensure that development, such as a new commercial building or multi-unit residential building meets the design requirements of the Township.

Site Plan Control is used to ensure that:

  • Developments are built and maintained in the way that is Township approved
  • New developments meet the Township's urban design standards
  • There is safe and easy access for pedestrians and vehicles
  • There is adequate landscaping and drainage
  • That the development is compatible with nearby properties

Section 41 of the Planning Act allows the Township to designate areas of the Township for requiring site plan control. By-law 2014-18 designates the entire Township within the site plan control area.

All development is subject to site plan control with exception of:

  • Any one or two unit dwelling
  • Street Townhouses located within a registered plan of subdivision
  • Swimming Pools
  • Agricultural buildings accessory to a farm operation except cannabis production facilities
  • Greenhouses less than 4000 m2 in size

Site Plan Control Approval

The approval process for Site Plan Control can take several months depending on the complexity of the proposed development. The first step to obtaining site plan approval is to attend a formal pre-consultation meeting.

Pre-consultation Meeting Request Form

For more information on Site Plan Control, including how to submit your Site Plan Control Application, please contact the Township Planning Department at