The Township of West Lincoln Official Plan is a document which is intended to provide general guidance for growth and development in the Township until the year 2031. It was adopted by Council and approved by the Ontario Municipal Board in 2015 following extensive public consultation.

Township of West Lincoln Official Plan

The Official Plan guides all planning decisions in the Township. This means that:

  • Council and municipal officials must follow the Plan;
  • All new developments and uses must conform to the Plan;
  • All new services, sewer or watermains, for example, must conform to the Plan; and
  • All by-laws, including zoning and related bylaws, must conform to the Official Plan.

The Township of West Lincoln Official Plan implements the policies of the Province of Ontario and of the Niagara Region Official Plan, while providing greater detail in terms of land use designations and policies which reflect specific characteristics of the Township.

The plan can be changed or amended as the community's needs change. For more information about applying for an Official Plan Amendment, please see below.

The Official Plan was last consolidated in November 2019. Please contact the Planning Department to obtain the most up-to-date Official Plan information, or to discuss the Official Plan policies.

Official Plan Amendments

If a proposed development is not in accordance with the Official Plan, an Official Plan amendment is required. For more information about making an application to amend the Official Plan, please contact the Township’s Planning Department.

A formal pre-consultation meeting is required prior to any Official Plan Amendment application being deemed complete.