A Minor Variance is an application submitted by a land owner for any land, building or structure that cannot meet the required Zoning By-law regulations. 

Application process

The Township's Committee of Adjustment (COA) hears Minor Variance applications. If you have any questions about the application process below, please contact our Planning Department.


A pre-consultation with the Planning Department before you submit your application is recommended. This will determine what outside agencies will need to review the application such as Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and/or the Region of Niagara. You may need to submit specific drawings/documents with your application. A pre-consultation meeting outlines these drawings/documents.

Notice of Hearing

After submitting your application, Township staff circulate a Notice of Hearing. The Notice of Hearing is sent to every owner of land within 60 metres of the property. The Notice is also sent to Township departments and outside agencies.

You must post a yellow Notice of Hearing sign on the subject property at least 10 days before the hearing takes place.


Planning staff will prepare a planning report to present at the hearing. The COA hears your application, and makes a decision to approve or deny your application. If the COA requires more information, they may defer your application.

Notice of Decision

A Notice of Decision is then sent out to the COA members, you (the applicant), and anyone who has requested a decision. If no appeal is received within 20 days of the decision, the COA's decision is final and subject to any conditions outlined in the decision.

If an appeal is received by the Township, notice is given to you (the applicant) and the appeal is forwarded to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal.


Please make sure that your application is complete and that you pay any applicable fees. You must submit a site sketch with your application to the Planning Department. The site sketch will be to scale and show all relevant information such as:

  • Existing buildings on the property
  • Proposed buildings on the property
  • Existing setbacks to property lines
  • Proposed setbacks to property lines
  • Existing septic system


A Minor Variance application can take three to four months. An appeal of the Minor Variance decision will increase your application's processing time.