The Township of West Lincoln is comprised of agricultural lands, hamlets and the urban settlement area of Smithville. The current population of West Lincoln according to the 2016 census is 14,880 with approximately 6,000 residents within the Urban Boundary of Smithville.

In 2016 the Council of the Township of West Lincoln approved a motion to request the Region of Niagara to allocate greater growth to West Lincoln. The Region of Niagara has allocated a population forecast of 28,690 for West Lincoln to the year 2041, with the majority of this growth focused in and around Smithville.

The projected growth cannot be accommodated within the current urban boundary of Smithville. As such, the Township of West Lincoln, together with the Region of Niagara and landowners have commenced two studies. These studies will focus on community planning, engineering and servicing, the environment and input from the public.

If you wish to join the studies contact list, please contact the Township of West Lincoln Planning Department at 905-957-3346 or email us.

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All of the information that has been made public to date is available in the links below:


Visioning Public Information Centre 1 - February 11, 2021

Visioning Public Information Centre 2 - October 6, 2021

Virtual Public Open House - April 13-20 & Virtual Public Meeting - April 27, 2022


Master Plans and Summaries 

Ontario Land Tribunal