The Township of West Lincoln (the “Township”) is committed to operating its website as an effective method of communication with interested users. The Township of West Lincoln will adhere to all applicable Access to Information and Privacy legislation, which may result in periodic disclosure of the information contained in users' comments or messages.

If you have any questions about the Township's Privacy Policy, please contact the Township Clerk.

Privacy and access

The Township is subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), and possibly other privacy legislation or regulations.

Any information you submit to the Township of West Lincoln, by way of forms on this website, email messages, or otherwise, will become part of the public record. Information may be released through the MFIPPA request process if they meet the criteria of custody and control.

For more information on MFIPPA, please contact the Township Clerk at

Use of collected information

The Township of West Lincoln does not collect information for commercial or marketing purposes. The Township does not sell, exchange, or otherwise distribute the information collected through this website for commercial marketing purposes. The Township collects and uses only the minimum information needed to meet the purpose for which the collection is required.

The Township will not use any information for any purpose that is inconsistent with the purpose for which the information was collected. Visitors to the Township website will not receive correspondence from the Township without their consent, consistent with the principles of Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation.


During user interaction with the Township's website, we may use a browser feature called a "cookie" to collect information anonymously and track user patterns on the website.

A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that identifies your browser - but not you - to our computers each time you visit one of our pages. Cookies tell us which pages are visited and by how many people. This helps us enhance the online experience of visitors to our website.

Unless you specifically advise us, we will not know who you are, even though we may assign your computer a cookie. We cannot use cookies, by themselves, to disclose the individual identity of any site user, and we never combine information gathered by a cookie with personally identifiable information, such as your name, telephone number, or your email address. 

Links to third party sites

This website contains links to other websites that are created and operated by independent bodies and are therefore, not under the control of the Township. These website links are provided as a public service and do not imply the investigation or verification of the linked websites by the Township.

The Township of West Lincoln is not responsible, and makes no express or implied representations or warranties concerning the products, services and information found on the linked websites.

Use of texts, photos, and other media

Text contained on this website may be used, downloaded and printed for non-commercial purposes provided the content of the website is not modified, in whole or in part, and that every copy of the downloaded or printed information is accompanied by this disclaimer notice.

Images, photos and other media on this website may have been purchased for limited use from third parties and legally protected by their terms of use. Before using, contact the Township's Clerk at to determine if the media is protected by copyright.

The information, software and products contained on this website shall not be modified, copied, distributed, reproduced, published, licensed, transferred or sold for a commercial purpose, in whole or in part, without the consent of the Township of West Lincoln.

Social media

Your constructive comments are welcome on any of the Township's social media profiles. These sites are designed to promote matters of interest to the residents, businesses and visitors to the Township. Your comments should be relevant and respectful. The Township of West Lincoln will not engage in partisan or political issues.

Once comments are posted, the Township reserves the right, but assumes no obligation, to remove comments that contain vulgar or offensive language, defamatory remarks or comments that target or disparage any group or individual based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability.

The Township of West Lincoln reserves the right to remove comments and contributions, and to block users whose comments or contributions meet the following criteria:

  • Contain solicitations, advertisements or spam or include links to other sites
  • Are clearly off topic
  • Advocate illegal activity
  • Either promote or make negative statements regarding non-Township of West Lincoln services, products, etc. or political organizations/candidates
  • Either promote or make negative statements regarding events of a political nature that are not sponsored by the Township of West Lincoln
  • Make negative comments about individuals rather than constructively critique ideas
  • Infringe on copyrights or trademarks
  • Are incorrect or misleading
  • Intentionally attempt to derail, hijack, troll or bait others into an emotional response
  • Are typed in ALL CAPS (as this denotes shouting)
  • Repetitive comments
  • Are written in a language other than English or French
  • Are contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Constitution Act, 1982
  • Excessively long comments (i.e.: where a comment's length interferes with easy navigation)
  • Divulge personal and confidential information
  • Make this page a less civil and enjoyable place to be

Those who violate these guidelines may be temporarily or permanently banned from posting on the Township's social media platforms. These actions may be taken with or without warning.

Accessibility of social media platforms

Social media platforms are third-party service providers and are not bound by AODA standards for web accessibility.

Collection of personal information through social media

For the most part, comments and messages posted to the Township of West Lincoln's official social networking sites are considered transitory records and will not be kept as a permanent record by the Township. In the event that comments and messages are transferred for use on other websites or communication media, users acknowledge and consent by their use of Township of West Lincoln's social networking sites that their comments or messages may become part of the public record and used in official Township of West Lincoln documentation. It is in the discretion of the Township which comments will be archived or used.

It is not the intent of the Township to collect any personal information when users participate on its social media websites other than what is volunteered to the Township. Comments and messages collected for the public record using social media will be treated like any other form of communication received by the Township, and may be required to be released to law enforcement in the case of an active investigation. 

General disclaimer

The Township of West Lincoln does not guarantee in any manner the quality, accuracy, or completeness of any information on this website, or in links provided by this website. A link between the Township's website and any other website does not imply endorsement or sponsorship of that website, or the creator of that website.

In the event of a discrepancy between the information contained on this website and the information contained in the records of the Township, the information contained in the records of the Township of West Lincoln shall be deemed accurate. 

Changes to this policy

The Township will revise or update this policy if its practices change, or as it develops better ways to keep you informed about them. You should refer back to this page often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes.