The Township of West Lincoln initiated a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the downtown Smithville area. Working closely with RCI Consulting, preparation of this plan was guided by stakeholders, community consultation and input from Township Council. The purpose of this document is to provide a cohesive vision for the future of Downtown Smithville, and to establish municipal funding opportunities to achieve this vision.

Township of West Lincoln Community Improvement Plan

In October 2009, Council designated areas within Downtown Smithville as a Community Improvement Area and adopted the CIP. This document is an innovative document providing a strategy for land use, urban design, and public realm improvements in Downtown Smithville. 

Our CIP contains a financial incentive program designed to encourage private sector investment, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, redevelopment, and construction activity in the downtown commercial areas. 

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Township of West Lincoln Community Improvement Plan

What does the CIP include?

Commercial Building Facade Grant

The Commercial Building Facade Improvement Grant Program provides financial incentives in the form of a grant to promote the rehabilitation, restoration and improvement of the front, rear and side facades of commercial, institutional and mixed use buildings in Downtown Smithville, including retail storefront display areas and signage.

Work that is in accordance with the Downtown Smithville Urban Design Guidelines may be eligible for the grant program. 

To apply for the program and learn more, go to the Commercial Building Facade Improvement Grant Program page.

Urban Design Manual

The Downtown Smithville Urban Design Manual provides urban design vision and guidance for the future downtown of Smithville, addressing the nature, intensity, and quality of development in both the public and private realms.

This manual complements work already carried out in the CIP, and is intended to provide guidance for long-term development as the downtown aims to become a distinct destination point for both existing residents and visitors.

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Urban Design Manual

Smithville Brownfield Community Improvement Plan